Equestrian First Aid
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When signing up for a Equine First Aid Course , what will you learn?

One thing for certain is there will be something NEW!

Here is a description of what to expect to learn about :

Pain detection, Pain prevention, Lacerations,Wounds
Hoof puncture, Thrush, Scratches, Abscess, White Line
Digestive emergencies - Colic, Collapse, Choke

Pantry solutions that just might save you money!


Also - you will receive a first aid manual that includes:

What's Abnormal/What’s Normal (+Vital signs chart), When to Call for Assistance, Wounds, Bandaging, Shock. Poison, Burns, Lameness, Nail puncture, Interference, Wrapping legs, Eye Injuries, Nose Bleed, Stings and Bites, Heat Stroke, First Aid Supplies needed...


How to weigh your horse so you don't over/under dose him.. WITHOUT A WEIGHT TAPE!

PLUS: Some bonus emergency rescue techniques that could simply save your life and that of your horse!

Cost is 149$ per participant


About the instructor

Estelle has always been full of energy and ready for the next adventure.

Animals have always been a big part of her life.

The certainty that at some point in her life she would have the chance to work with horses was what drove her forward.

When her husband joined the military, she and her 3 children moved to the Maritimes,where life took a different spin for Estelle. The peace, the space the nature, it bought all of her teenage dreams and goals back to her mind.

While her husband served overseas, she became a volunteer stable hand in a reputable Boarding facility. There it was, pure joy and happiness and complete devotion to these animal. Her husband bought her a horse upon his return. Caring and learning how to help this mare triggered an even bigger spark in Estelle’s mind. Since then, Estelle has devoted herself to helping horses and horses’ owners do the right thing with their horses.Whether it be with physical care for their horses or simply teaching them how to enter the horse world from the horses point of view.

She has a certification with the International renown group Technical Large Animal Rescue Teams and joined University of Guelph to further her education in the Equine World. She received her certification as an Equine First Aid Instructor with Equi-Health Canada in August 2012. Her love for horses has expended towards all farm animal and the true passion and joy that farming life bring to herself and her family. Her life has changed the day she met these extraordinary animals.


I have devoted the last few years to understanding horses which I consider a majestic beast. Learning the different paths this species has taken throughout the ages and studying the various ways they have evolved, it has dawn on me that we have forgotten where they are from and what they are.

They are the image of freedom and loyalty, of endurance and sacrifice. They were extinct on certain continent and brought back centuries later. They have evolved to be what we, human, needed them to be. The horse was subdued to work until exhaustion in the many wars of man and never truly thanked for it.

It is my goal in life to bring back that energy and care to them, to redeem a piece of mankind to at least some of them. I believe in the freedom of the equine and that man and horse can share a life in pure harmony. With hard work and determination, with ingenuity and passion, I know I can achieve peace and friendship with all my equine care.

This is my promise to the horses and my personal mission. To care for horses the way they were meant to.

Our Team

Sebastien Auger

technical husband